Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick Day

Meadow had her first real stomach bug today. She was not her normal self and needed a lot of TLC. This was a true test of my mothering skills, especially when she puked a couple times while on my lap. She seems to be on the mend and has been taking a good nap this evening. It is so hard to watch your child be sick and not know exactly what to do to make them better. Hopefully, it is just a 24 hour bug. I did really cherish our time cuddling on the couch today.

Watching the movie, Incredibles and drinking some watered down apple juice.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maryland Visit

Todd, Meadow and I went on a trip to Maryland this past weekend. It was a little unexpected because my parents were going to come out here and stay for a week. But, my grandma had an unexpected setback which put her in the hospital for a few days. So, the family thought it would be better for my mom and dad to drive down to Maryland to be there with her when she got out of the hospital. (My grandma's arthritis and knee had been giving her some problems, which is making it harder for her to get around. She is slowly doing better and thankfully my Mom can stay with her for awhile.)

After making some plans my brother and his fiance decided to drive down. So, I thought it would mean a lot to my grandma if we made the trip as well. We had a couple frequent flyer flights on Southwest. Southwest really does rock because I was able to get seats on really decent flights to make the trip out there. Everyone was very excited to see Meadow and she did a great job of entertaining the family and fellow travelers. We actually had an open seat next to us on every flight, which made the 7-8 hour trip bearable. She is really having fun making animal sounds lately and saying hi and bye. It was really great to be able to spend time with everyone and get more aquanted with Rachel, my brother's fiance. We will all be getting together again in about six months for my brother's wedding.

The Wall/Dubach/Van Hee/Broedel Family. Four generations in one picture.
Rachel, Jocelyn and Meadow. Meadow really liked the bird pictures over the couch and made the bird sign many times and was starting to make a chirp chirp sound..

Great Grandma Wall with Meadow

Meadow was pretty exhausted from all the traveling.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Cuties

It has been raining a lot the past few days so I set up a little playground in the garage so we wouldn't get wet.

Meadow is dreaming about her future kayaking daysGoing down the slide. She loves this new slide she got from Ghanny and Bampom. This was a great steal at a consignment store.

Playing the bowl on the head game. It is a lot of fun if you have never played before.

Friends Weekend

This past weekend Meadow and I met up with some friends, while Todd was gone on Saturday hanging out with friend's and then had to work on Sunday. We met up with Maddie and Jen on Saturday and went to OMSI. They have a wonderful area for 0-6 year olds with really neat science and nature exhibits. Meadow really enjoyed the bear cave and the water area the most. There were many many toddlers there, which was a bit overwhelming. So, hopefully we can go on a weekday soon so we can spend more time at each exhibit. I didn't catch any pictures at OMSI, but did get some good shots before and after. We also headed to Red Robin afterwards for some lunch. On Sunday we met up with Jonah and Heidi for lunch. We actually went to Red Robin again. Meadow does really love the place and is a pretty good eater there.

Maddie and Meadow were passing a book back and forth to each other for awhile.
They got balloons at Red Robin
Two exhausted little cuties

I dressed Meadow up for our day in Gresham.

Not the best picture, but you can see the cute boots she wore.
Jonah giving Meadow a hug.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Meadow's First Ski Pass

Yesterday we went up to Meadows Ski Resort to get our season pass photos taken. We also wanted to go see the couple of feet of snow that fell in the past few days. We would have spent some time playing in it if wasn't raining. Meadow had a great time running down the halls. We hope to be able to have Meadow ski this winter if we can find some boots that will fit her tiny feet.

Meadow has her own season pass!!!

Some photos I took the other day

Puddle Jumping!

We spent some quality time with Todd this morning before he left for a guys weekend. It was so nice to enjoy our neighborhood and backyard in the fall. Meadow loves to walk through the leaves and puddles.

Our Backyard or Riverside view

I love her look

Enjoying the view

Puddle Jumping

Action Video

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Little Daredevil

I am not sure if Meadow has seen someone else do something like this. But, she thinks she is so cool balancing on her lion. I think she wants to be like her dad and her uncle Jeff and I guess her mommy too. I do sometimes fit into the dare devil catagory. She does a really good job of getting down too. It almost looks like a motorcross move.

Had to take a picture of one of Meadow's new bath toys. It was possibly going to be a Christmas gift, but we couldn't wait to give it to her. She was getting a little bored in the tub. This toy sprays out water and moves around the tub. It also came with a fishing pole, net and little fish to catch. Too cute!!

Had to document one of the little pony tails I got in her hair. She had two in but proceeded to take them out pretty quickly.

Warm suit I put on underneath her rain gear the other day.

New 12 month size jacket for this winter. It looks like it will fit perfectly in a couple months to replace her 6-12 month jacket. She is growing, slowly but surely.

Cute barrettes that were in for 20 seconds.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Action Video

Trick or Treating

Halloween 2008

We had a fun Halloween. We dressed Meadow in a ladybug costume and went over to a couple of the neighbors houses. After putting Meadow to bed, Todd and I relaxed in the evening and actually voted while drinking some gin and tonics. We really needed them to get through the whole ballot. Oregon's ballot had a lot of measures this election that took some time to think through. It feels so good to have cast our vote. Can't wait to hear the results. We also had 22 trick or treaters. That was a record number for our neighborhood.

The Pumpkin I carved
Our ghoulish neighbors. They had their faces airbrushed. Don't they look so realistic? Cooper is dracula, and Wyatt is a ghost.
Meadow with Cooper. She wasn't actually scared of Cooper, just didn't want to sit still.

Meadow was mesmorized at first. This is at our neighbor's house. We went over to each of our houses.
We happened to have this ladybug costume from Halloween about five years ago. So, I had to put it on to match.

Going over to the neighbor's house.

Dorky looking mom and a not very happy Meadow. She still looks so adorable even when crying.

Practice Halloween

We went over to "Ghanny and Bampom's," Todd's parents, for a practice Halloween. We also were celebrating Tonia and Rita's birthdays. Meadow went right up and knocked on the door when we arrived. We were practicing saying trick or treat and she really got the "t" sound down.

Erin and Myla. She is a pengiun if you couldn't tell.
Myla, Meadow, and Xavier helping Rita open her present from us.

Rita, Steve and Hope

Tonia as Mom, Hope as princess Lea, Parker as Ironman, Stockton as star wars bounty hunter, Xavier as Yoda, Meadow as a pumpkin, and Todd as Dad.

The Van Hee family

Meadow was a little scared of Parker's mask, but she really liked Xavier's ears.

She was trying to run away from the scary guy behind her.

I love when she sits on a stair.