Monday, November 26, 2007

Meadow at Sunriver

Meadow had a great time at Sunriver. She loved jumping in her johnny jumper and was highly entertained by her nephews. She also did a great job eating her baby food while on vacation. She probably wanted to fit in with everybody else eating all the yummy Thanksgiving food.

Meadow was all bundled up for our shopping trip with the girls at the Sunriver mall. She was happy the whole time. I think she loved looking at all the fun things she might want to buy someday.

The grandparents, "Ghanny and Bampon" with all the grandkids. (Stockton, Parker, Meadow and Xavier). Meadow had a great time with with the grandparents so mommy and daddy could go up to the mountain. Ghanny at first gave Meadow an 80% for behavior, but after awhile she increased her score to 90% for just being so cute. She missed her parents so much that she just had to cry for a little bit. The next day she got a 100%. Not one tear! She just loves her grandparents. Stockton wasn't too happy in this shot. But, he is a pretty happy kid the majority of the time.

Meadow in her pretty thanksgiving dress!

The Flowrider

Check out these pics of Todd and I riding the flow rider. Todd has some really great wipe outs. I had some fun 360's on the boogie board, they were definitely not intentional, but it was really fun. Todd's brother, who is avid surfer, could stay on the wave the longest. For anyone who knows Jeff he is a major shredder. You can check out the machine at

21st Annual Van Hee Sunriver Vacation

The spoons crew!

This is the group at Sunriver this year. Behind us is the gorgeous house we got to stay in this year. It was a fun time. We were able to go up to Mt. Bachelor and do a little skiing and snowboarding. We also went to a cool place in Sunriver that had a surf wave. We all took a try and did some boogie boarding and surfing in the middle of winter. What an active family! Meadow even took a dip in the kiddie pool.

Every year at Sunriver we participate in the spoons championship. This is a very competitive game. Once you get four of a kind, you grab a spoon. Once the first spoon is grabbed everyone tries to grab a spoon. There is always one less sppon than the people at the table. After not grabbing a spoon twice you are out of the game. Todd won the game this year. Heidi, Todd's brother's girlfriend won last year so she had to hand the trophy over to Todd.

This year I almost made the final round, but was abruptly ousted by my own husband. He was lucky that he brought home the trophy for the family.