Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Swimmer

We had another fun time at the Parent Tot swim class. Rita joined us and took some really great photos. Meadow is getting more comfortable in the water and is thinking about putting her face in the water. I hope to post some videos of her kicking soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parent Tot Swim Class

Yesterday Meadow and I went to our first Parent Tot Swim class. I think Meadow had a good time once she warmed up a little bit. She giggled and smiled a lot. We sang a few songs and did some activtities to help the kids feel more comfortable in the water. Meadow even scooted into the water at the very end from the edge of the pool. I wonder if she will be jumping in by the end of the class? I hope to be able to get some pictures of the class soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Trip to California

This past weekend, Meadow and I went to visit my good friend Lesley who lives in Salinas, California. Les and I have been friends since my freshman year in college at Cortland State. We lived in the same dorm freshman year and we lived in a house together my junior and senior year. Lesley recently bought a house with her husband so I thought it would be fun for Meadow and I to take a trip to go down and see her. It was a quick trip, but we were able to still see and do a lot while we were there. Meadow enjoyed playing with her two cats, Waffles and Pancakes and spending time with Lesley and Joe. While we were there, we went on a few hikes and also went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The aquarium was amazing and I highly recommend it for toddlers, kids and adults. There was great exhibits for all ages. There is so much to see along the coast from Monterey to Santa Cruz. I hope to go back someday so we can spend more time at the aquarium and see more of the coast. I am sure we will be heading back that way again for another Cortland reunion.

Lesley and Meadow
Jumping with some other kids.
The fun slide by the toddler and baby exhibits. There was one exhibit that compared how much a baby whale ate compared to a human baby. They had a huge bottle which represented the 2,000 human size bottles a whale baby drinks in a day.

It was hard to take a good picture due to the lighting. It was very neat to see all the different types of jellyfish.

Lesley at Big Sur. I loved the windblown trees.

Les, Meadow and I at Big Sur.

This was before the fog really came in. It got a little cold and windy after awhile.

Les and Meadow hiking. Meadow was going so fast she looks like a blur.

This picture was taken on a hike near Lesley's house. The landscape is more dry because it is inland. This was a pretty cool rock formation behind us.

Meadow playing inside the cat gym

Lesley has a huge collection of care bears. Meadow had a good time playing in the pile of stuffed animals.

Cute bow that was on Meadow's gift from Lesley.

Lesley and Meadow

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Zoo Day!

Meadow and I met up with our cousin's Erin and Myla at the zoo this past Friday. We had a great time and it was fun to finally see the baby elephant. Unfortunately, I left the camera in the car so the occasion will not be documented. Fortunately, we have good mental images of the day. We were able to take a nice train ride through the zoo and the girls seemed to like the goats and the sheep the most. We were able to see a tiger very close. Myla was not quite sure she liked the tiger. It is so fun to see the girls growing up. I am sure before we know it they will be chatting away together, just like their moms.

Mirror Lake Hike

On Sunday, we had a nice relaxing day, which included going on a hike with my friend Jen and her daughter Maddie. Maddie and Meadow are becoming good hiking buddies. Jen and I took the girls hiking along the Salmon river on Friday. Mirror Lake is one of our favorite hikes that we show any guest who comes to visit. It is only fifteen minutes from our house. Lucky us!!

Jen and Maddie. Maddie took a little catnap and was sleeping for this picture.
You can see Mt. Hood faintly in this picture
A better picture of Mt. Hood, but not as good of our group. As you can tell it was hard to get the right lighting.
The reflection of the mountain in the lake
Having a snack break

Beautiful Fall Colors

Fall Festivities

This year we wanted to start a family tradition of going to a pumpkin patch. We decided to go to Leipold farms and support one of our local farms in the area. They have a corn maze, hay ride, activities for kids, and of course many pumpkins to choose from. We had a few challenges a long the way, such as tiredness, hunger, and a shoe malfunction. But, overall we had a very pleasant day which culminated with a stop at dairy queen on the way home. Now we have three lovely pumpkins on our front stoop waiting to be carved.

Meadow really wanted to pick up this pumpkin so I helped her out.
Taking a ride with the pumpkins back to the car.

pumpkin heaven

On the hay ride. We learned a little bit about the farm along the way. Now I know to plant some sunflowers near my garden. They plant them around their farm to attract the bees to help with pollinating their plants. What Genius!!!!
Todd with the ergo carrier on walking around the corn maze. It was nice to have this along because Meadow's shoes did not fit, which made it very hard for her to walk. I have to say this corn maze is okay, but it doesn't even come close to a haunted corn maze I went to in Illinois with my friend's Jerri, Mark, and Beth... We laughed and cried so hard during this adventure. People dressed up in scary costumes would jump out at you from the corn.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bathrobe Fashion Show

Meadow was being so cute with the bathrobe that her Aunt Tonia got her for her birthday. She loves to run around after her bath, and this robe keeps her nice and cozy for the cool fall evenings. Meadow is also starting to sign "i love you" I sign it to her every night and she is starting to sign back. She can't quite get both fingers up so it looks like she is holding up #1's.
Also, Meadow now says five words. Mom, Dad, kitty, dad, ball, and bottle. Of course ball and bottle sound like baba. Dog used to be her favorite word, but kitty is now in the lead. Her kitty sounds really close. It sounds something like sissy. Can't wait to hear what is next.

Monday, October 13, 2008

McKenzie River Trip

This past weekend we were invited to come along on a camping trip by the Mckenzie river. Our friend's JD and Liz have been going for several years. The main goal of the trip is to go on an amazing 20 mile mt bike ride along the Mckenzie river that ends at Belknap hot springs. Along this ride is amazing views of Clear Lake, waterfalls, volcanic rock fields, and beautiful blue pools of water that are so crystal clear. The first night we camped at a place called Trailbridge campground. JD and Liz met up with us for the first night. We survived the frigid temperatures and rain by sitting in our camper till Meadow went to bed and then built a campfire so we could hang out and chat.

The next day, Liz, Meadow and I went on a beautiful hike around Clear Lake and Todd and JD did part of the mt. bike ride. We enjoyed the hot springs in the evening before heading back to the house that some other friend's, Tanya and Erik had rented for the weekend. Tanya and Erik have a four week old baby named Jack. I wish I had taken some cute pics of Meadow chatting with Jack. It was nice to have a house to utilize for cooking and hanging out in because it was a bit cold the next night as well. We were able to plug our camper in at an rv site and were nice and cozy with our heater on that night.

Our last day, Liz offered to watch Meadow for us so we could go on the ride together. Liz had shoulder surgery a few weeks back so she was still not able to mt. bike. At times, the ride was a bit over my head so I had to walk a bit and experienced some not so fun falls unto volcanic rock. But, I did enjoy the scenery and in the end, it was a beautiful day and I am glad I had the opportunity to experience the diverse geoligical landscape. It was a great weekend and I am already excited for next year's trip.

JD giving Meadow an airplane ride

Sahalie Falls

Meadow and I at Clear Lake
Self Portait of Liz and I
The "Fam" at Belknap Hot Springs
Todd and JD
Meadow loves to give high 5's
Camping the first night. We stayed in the camper on top of the hill

Todd and JD in their fashionable mt bike clothing and gear The beautiful fall foliage at Clear Lake.

Meadow is very excited because she can face forward now. She has hit the 20 pound mark with her clothes on. Go Meadow!

More camping pics
Liz and JD

Camping in October. It felt more like December. Note the winter jacket and pants. We were highly prepared for the cold weather. Once Meadow learned that her gloves really keep her hands warm, she was a lot happier. Meadow had a great time camping, as usual. She loves the outdoors and gets pretty grumpy when she has to stay indoors. I guess she is related to us so it does make sense.We were so glad the rain stopped so we could go outside and play.