Saturday, October 16, 2010

IT has been tooo long

Now that the Portland Marathon is over, I am hoping to be able to do a little better job of sharing things on the blog. I do really love it as a vehicle to share things with family and friends. It feels a little more personal than facebook. Although, facebook is a quick way to get information out. We have been having fun doing various things this fall. Thankfully, we have had a pretty nice fall with only a few bouts of rain. Unfortunately, the rain was pretty previlant when my parents were here and during the marathon. But, as an Oregonian I just grin and run through the puddles. Both the kids are doing great. Beckett is walking about 9 or 10 steps in a row, but still likes to crawl most of the time. He is a very speedy little guy. Meadow is loving preschool and seems so much more mature these days. Here are just a few pics from recent weeks.

Beckett loves to pull all the books off the shelf. After letting him do this a few times, we have since encouraged him to do other activities that are a little less messy. I love his his cheesy smile for the camera. He did crawl up there all on his own with supervision.
This was a messy spaghetti dinner

Posing in one of her preschool outfits