Friday, February 19, 2010

Our little girl is growing up

I just had to share with the world that our daughter went a whole day going on the potty and had no accidents. She has had interest in going on the potty on and off since she was around 2. But, didn't really seem to want to give up diapers until a few weeks ago. We really let her take the lead with this process with a few incentives of course. We were home a lot this past month due to being sick so she had a lot of practice. It is such an amazing thing as a parent seeing your child accomplish these milestones. Seeing her get the hang of riding her tricycle a few months ago was also definitely a highlight. Just had to share the good news.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beckett turns five months old tomorrow!

Just had to share some of the recent cute photos of Beckett and some of his new accomplishments. He weighed 13 pounds 3 ounces when we had to take him to the doctor's last week. He just seems to be growing a lot these days and filling out his clothes.

One of his famous smiles. He loves to laugh and smile.

Here he is playing in the exersaucer.
And here he is eating. He just loves rice cereal. Who knew it was that good?? We will probably be trying some new foods in a few weeks.

He loves to grab his feet now. He has very long toes, so I will not be surprised if he doesn't start picking up things with them.

Sickness attacks Van Hee household

The past few weeks have been a little rough in our household. I got a bad case of strep throat and a cold and just felt awful for a good solid week. Todd stayed home for one of the days so I could get some rest. Luckily, the kids and Todd did not get the cold or sore throat part. This past weekend I was really starting to feel better and we even took a quick trip to the zoo so we could get out and walk around. Unfortunately, on Sunday evening Meadow woke up and got sick with the stomach flu. She is doing a little better today. We have a vacation planned for next week so I am hoping we will all be 100% by next week so we can have some good family time together. February has definitely been a tough month, but in between all the sickness we had some funny moments.

This picture cracks me up now. At urgent care they gave me some masks so I could try not to spread the strep infection. Meadow thought the masks were pretty cool.

Todd had some good one on one time with Meadow while I was sick. This was one of their projects they did together besides taking many walks and throwing sticks along the river.


Meadow trying to hold on to her squiggly little brother. They really do have a special bond already. Beckett just laughs when Meadow looks at him. He is getting a little harder to hold on to because he is already half her size. He is certainly not a big baby, but he is a compact solid little guy.

You can see his precious dimple in this pic.

A few pictures when we went to the zoo.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fun day on the mountain

A few weeks back we headed up the mountain as a family. It was a beautiful day with the snow lightly falling. Meadow skied by herself for the first time out in front of Todd. We were able to borrow a special harness and a strap that goes on her skiis to keep them from splaying out. She had a great time. After a lunch we went on a nice snowshoe hike so Todd and I could get some good exercise.
Hanging out in the lodge

Snowshoeing with our awesome Charriot.

They both had a nice nap in their little caccoon.

Time is flying by

Life has been very busy these past few months. Definitely, the addition of Beckett has added so much joy to our lives as well encouraging us to relax a bit more and take it one day at a time. Meadow just seems to be growing leaps and bounds developmentally in the past few months. We have been going to story time regularly at our local library and she loves to sing songs and listen to the stories. We also participate in a community playgroup. She enjoys spending time with her little friends. We also just started gymnastics this past Monday and she seems to quite the natural. I was so proud of my little girl. She already was learning how to do moves on the big balance beam. I was also pretty jealous. It looked like so much fun jumping on the trampoline and learning how to do some of the basics of gymnastics. She had so much fun and we are both looking forward to next week.

Beckett is growing up so fast. He is definitely a little cuddle man. He has been rolling a fair amount from front to back. I think mainly because he really doesn't like tummy time. He is really grasping things now and can pretty much grab anything in his little radius. We also just recently started rice cereal with breast milk and he really loves it. Beckett loves his big sister and just lights up when he sees her. It is definitely cute to watch them interact. Todd and I have started a weekly date days again. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel a few due to me or the kids being sick. But, when we have had them it has been fun to head up to the mountain and enjoy our time together. I made a deal with myself that I had to do one more run each time I head to the mountain. So, by the end of the season hopefully I will be in great shape. That is pretty much the summary of what has been going on in our lives over the past month. Hope to update this more soon.

These are pictures from almost a month ago. We did a hike along the Salmon river, which is one of our local hikes that we enjoy with the kids.

These are pictures from when Meadow and I had fun doing her hair.

Meadow wanted to put as many hair things in her hair as she could.