Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Outfit Showcase

I never knew that it would be just as fun to dress a boy as it is to dress a little girl. Thanks to many hand me downs I haven't had to buy many things for Beckett. But, he didn't have many lighter pants for spring and summer and also needed some swim trunks so I got to go on a little shopping excursion the other day. Also, Thanks to Ghanny for making the shopping trip a success with the kids.

This surfer outfit is from Todd's parents. Meadow is always giving Beckett loves.
Rita also pitched in for this cute ensemble. He is already for some dips in the pool and for our trip to San Diego in May.

I couldn't pass up this outfit. The pants are awesome too because you can make them shorter for the warmer weather.

Meadow loves to make a cave out of Beckett's jungle gym. I gave her a flashlight and some books and she camped out in there for a good twenty minutes. After awhile she got a little bored and wanted Beckett to join in on the fun. He just was giggling and laughing. I am already starting to see how they are going to have fun playing together. On the way home yesterday, Meadow was making funny noises and making Beckett laugh and then she would laugh back at him.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patty's Day!

The kids had fun celebrating their 1/16th of Irish ancestory and I just joined in on the fun. I actually had a dentist appointment that day so Rita and Tonia helped watch the kids for me. Tonia and I did not coordinate the girls outfits at all. We just dress the girls to match Ghanny's house colors. These are just a few pictures that were taken that day.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun Videos

Meadow's Second Trip to the Dentist

Being cuties together For Meadow's second trip to the dentist she wanted to wear something special for the occasion. So, she actually let me put clips in her hair... and wear the new dress that Ghanny got her. This is a special twirly dress. Meadow had a great time making sure it twirled perfectly.

She looks like such a little girl in these pictures.

She did so great at the dentist, again! She sat perfectly and let the hygenist clean all of her teeth. She did so well that she got a prize at the end. You will never guess what she picked. A frog. I love her growing personality.
We had gone over to Ghanny's afterwards because she was so excited to show her the new dress on. Well, after such a long day you get pretty exhausted. This was her on the couch fast asleep in this wierd position.

Spring is in the air!!! Now let's Social

On Thursdays we get together with some of the other local moms at our neighborhood association lodge. It is so nice to have a place to get together with other families and chat and have our kids play. A few of us had just arrived with our babies so I had to take this photo opportunity. My friend Jen's son James is on the left. He was around a month old in this picture. Beckett is in the middle, 5 1/2 months old when this was taken and my friend Mikell's son Caleb is on the right. He is nine months old.
I had brought my toddler yoga video so we got all the kids to participate. It was so cute to see them all doing the different poses. We will definitely have to do this activity again.

We have been having very beautiful spring weather here so a few weeks ago we got together with several friends over the weekend. One night we had Liz and JD over, the next day we went snowboarding and skiing with Sara and Randy and they spent the night and went on a nice hike the next day. They spend a few weekends at our house over the winter so that they can be closer to the mountain and so we can spend some quality time with them. They live in North Portland so it is a little harder to just get together for dinner occasionally. They are also our rafting friends. So, in the summer we try to go rafting and camping and in the winter we go snowboarding. Sara and I actually met playing field hockey with our Portland field hockey club. And then on the Saturday evening of this weekend we got together with other local friends Keith and Mikell for a bbq. It was a really fun and social weekend!
Here is a picture of Sara and Randy. This was taken near the trail head of the Upper Salmon River hike. This is definitely one of my favorite local hikes. The hike brings you along the Salmon river and takes you into the national forest.

On the way home from the hike, Sara was taking pictures of the kids. Here is documentation of Beckett's fascination with his hands. He will sometimes just look at them and move them around. It is so cute!

Here is Todd with Caleb and Beckett having some floor time.

Meadow had gotten a sliver in her foot so Mikell got her a foot bath set up and of course Bailey had to have one too. I love watching Bailey and Meadow play together. They have very similar energy so they are like two little giggle balls of energy.

We didn't get any pictures of the adults but we had a good time playing Sequence after the boys fell asleep and the girls were entertained by a movie.
I love this picture of Beckett because he looks so proud of himself. I think his looks just says I am getting so big, yup I am sitting in my high chair and eating solid foods. If I was great with computers I would make that little bubble for words next to his mouth. I think he would also say I love solid foods, but I still really love mommy's milk.

Beckett is 6 months old!

Haven't had a lot of time to blog lately. Hmmm wonder what I could be doing all my spare time??? Well, I guess that is the problem there just isn't a lot of spare time. As i write this Beckett is trying to take down the computer and put the whole thing in his mouth. So, very quickly..... Beckett had his six month check up last week and he is growing great. He is growing along the 10th percentile. He is a very compact little guy. He weighed 14 pounds 12 ounces and was 25 inches long. He is a very social little guy and loves to laugh and smile. He is starting to be quite the chatter box, making different sounds. He can pretty much sit up all on is own. You definitely still have to have pillows around him just in case he falls over. He is really enjoying solid foods and is now eating oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, avacado, banana, and squash. I just cannot believe how fast time is flying by. Meadow continues to enjoy being a big sister and pretty much loves to do whatever Beckett is doing.

I call this picture the "little studmuffin"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some cuties from the past few weeks

Beckett has been enjoying playing with his toes lately and is almost sitting up on his own. He still looks kind of like a weeble wobble. I love this stage!

This is Meadow at gymnatics class. She absolutely loves it. As you can tell in these pictures!!! She especially loves the jumping parts of the class.

She can do the small balance beam all by herself. She just needs a few reminders to slow down and then she can do it.

We also did some gardening the other day in the beautiful weather. Meadow had such a blast digging in our empty garden.

We did a hike on the upper salmon a few weeks ago. As you can tell we have had very little snow in the lower elevations this year. Last year this hike was buried in snow till June I think. Meadow has been enjoying riding in the backpack again, which makes a good work out for daddy and we can hike a little bit farther these days. I am also excited that Beckett has graduated to the ergo carrier. This was the last hike with the bjorn. The ergo is just so much more comfortable.

Rocking the shades