Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Beautiful Beach Weekend

This was the view from our hotel window on Saturday afternoon. With the view like this it was hard sometimes to leave the hotel. But, we managed to get out and enjoy the beach and the town of Newport. It was one of our favorite trips to Newport. Nothing beats sunshine in Oregon at the coast.

Meadow and I went to the historic Newport Bay while Todd was in his conference. It is a nice harbor with a boardwalk and several shops and restaurants lining the street. It was fun to watch the seal lions bask in the sun. I think Meadow enjoyed their loud barking noises. We picked up some salt water taffy along our walk to share with Todd and family in New York. Later that evening we came back with Todd to enjoy a bite to eat at the Whale's Tale (one of our favorite restaurants in Newport) and enjoyed some wonderful northwest halibut and salmon. The night before we discovered the Canyon Way bookstore and restaurant. We both had wonderful seafood dishes. Todd's co-worker, Keith, had recommended the place and came along with us. It was nice to have the extra help to finish an amazing chocolate dessert.

These are a few pictures from Agate beach, which was right in front of our hotel. We had a great time just strolling up and down. We walked all the way to the rocks in this picture.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Newport, Oregon

This beautiful picture below is the view from our hotel room in Newport at sunset. Todd has a PA work conference so Meadow and I get to hang out at the beach while he is in class. Luckily, Todd gets a few breaks to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The light house in the far distance is called Yaquina lighthouse. We took a tour of it a few years ago and learned how the lighthouse projected the light. It was pretty amazing. It is pretty cool that I can upload these photos and write on my blog while at the hotel. Don't you just love technology!

Meadow's new toy and outfits

Meadow has been enjoying her new excersaucer. She loves moving around to all the toys and making them move or make sounds. Don't you love the sweater? It is from Ghanny Van Hee.

Look at this cute halloween outfit and cute booties. Our friend Sara made the booties.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Think Snow!

I know many people reading the title of this blog might think I am a little nuts and about ten years ago I would have felt the same way. I often grumbled about clearing the snow off of my car in New York and Chicago. But, my perspective has changed since learning how much fun snow can be. If I had only known the joys of snowboarding while in NY, I might have become a Super G or halfpipe snowboarding star. Or maybe I would have just been more excited to get out of bed after a big snowstorm when I was a teenager.

The point of this blog is that, Todd, Meadow and I went up to Meadows (a ski resort on Mt. Hood) to take our pictures and get our season pass this past weekend. We were both giddy with excitement for the upcoming season. I had to miss the entire season last year due to having precious cargo growing inside of me, so I am anxious to get back on the slopes.

My friend Jerri would be so proud that I added the link to the ski resort. Your right Jerri, it is so easy. Hope to see you all on the slopes!

First Official Post

Hi! I am excited to finally be posting a message on my blog. It only took me a few months to really get this going because I keep being distracted by this little human being. Most of you know, that this little one is named Meadow. It has been a fun adventure these past few months and we have enjoyed introducing Meadow to our favorite hikes. We also brought her up to our favorite ski resort this past weekend so she could check out her future stomping grounds.

It is so fun to watch her growing personality. She loves to do rasberries and stick her tongue out to see what reaction she will get. She has also enjoyed rolling from her front to back occasionally.

I am hoping that Meadow will start to sleep for longer stretches so her mom can get a few more winks at night. Cross your fingers everyone. I hope to post some cute pictures in the near future.