Monday, April 26, 2010

Just taking it easy in the rocking chair

Tonight as we started to get jammies on the kids out in the living room I just decided to put Beckett in the kid's rocking chair. He of course is so photogenic, I just had to get a bunch of photos with the chair. We got the kids this chair for Christmas. A local artist makes them and we just couldn't pass it up. It is also so well made that our grandchildren will most likely sit in it as well.

They were being so cute together and Meadow was even letting Beckett grab her hair. He is starting to pull himself on to things including his sister.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beckett is 7 months old!

I just can't believe Beckett is already 7 months old. He is growing up so fast and he has such a growing fun personality. I think in honor of his seven month birthday this week he slept seven hours in a row, which is a major sleep milestone for him. He also keeps trying and liking many new foods. His most recent is yogurt, pureed mango and asparagus. He really will eat almost anything I give to him. He has also mastered the pincer grasp so he can now pick up and eat puffs. Still waiting on some teeth to come in before we try the cheerios. He is definitely becoming more mobile and will often end up on his belly from a sitting position. He has almost rolled over from his back to front, with everything over but his head. But, I don't think he has wanted anything so badly to make the full effort. He is such a happy, giggly guy. I just feel so blessed to have him. Due to the little guy just growing up way too fast I felt the need to take some naked baby photos before he turns into a little man. There is just something so cute about a naked baby bottom.

Meadow showing Beckett how to crawl

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Festivities

We had a good time celebrating Easter and the beginning of spring by doing a few different activities with friends and family. Our weekend started out by Todd and I skiing and snowboarding in a foot of fresh powder on the mountain on Friday. Even though we were celebrating the beginning of spring, it really has felt more like winter this past week. We had a good time though despite the frigid conditions.
On Saturday, Meadow got to meet the Easter bunny at the Resort at the Mountain. They had their own egg hunt, which we barely missed. But, the Easter bunny was still giving away a lot of fun toys, so we didn't miss too much anyway. And as you can see in the later pictures, Meadow had no shortage of candy on this holiday.
Here we are dying eggs later that day.
She was very focused this year and worked hard to decorate the eggs to their fullest. Some were stamped, others had stickers and some were multicolored.

Liz and JD came over later and made some scrumptious lasagna for us. Meadow just loves when they come over and we do to, especially when they bring us, sleep deprived parents, food.

Here is Beckett practicing his balance skills.
The morning of Easter. We started a tradition of the bunny leaving a few of his favorite foods behind. Meadow loves carrots too and of course chocolate.

She also got some dress up accessories in her basket, including clickity clack shoes.

This is Beckett's basket. I know I could have done better with the presentation. But, again being a sleep deprived parent this just had to do for this year. It includes all the solid foods he now eats. Well, pureed of course.

I love this look. He is like, what the??????? Where are my treats? Soon enough buddy. Don't grow up too fast on me.

We were invited to an Easter Egg hunt over at our friends Mikell and Keith's house this year. It is going to have to be an annual event. A side note here, Mikell and Keith are avid Syracuse fans like myself. Keith is also from Central NY. Kind of a coincidence that we both moved to this area.

My two handsome men!

Beckett's partner in crime. These two are so cute together and both just want to grab anything in their reach. Caleb is a few months older so he likes to scoot around to get to things. I can't wait to see when both of these guys are crawling and walking.

Meadow and Bailey practicing their backstroke for swimming class.

After the egg hunt we headed over to Persimmons for their Easter brunch with Todd's parents. There was an amazing spread of food and it was fun to catch up with the family.

Rita and Steve got Meadow an early birthday present of a fully accessorized pink and orange outfit with ice cream cones on it. It is going to be a fun outfit to break out for the trip down to San Diego in May. We may actually need the sun hat down there and hopefully will need it in Oregon soon. Here is the hat and there is a tank top and capris to match.

The Family
I also had some nice conversations with most of everyone on my side of the family as well. It was nice to be able to connect with everyone on the east coast. I am not sure what else we could have done to make the weekend more of a success. But, maybe next year we will have some warmer weather. Here is the parting shot for this blog post. I tried to put in a lot, since I may not be able to post again for awhile.
Meadow pretending to be Percey Persimmon the golfer.

Beckett's six month photo shoot

My good friend Heidi took these a few weeks ago. They turned out pretty good despite Beckett starting to get tired and hungry near the end. Meadow also joined in for a few of the pictures.

Beckett is an occasional thumb sucker and does it mainly when he is bored or to just look really cute. For those who don't know he is fascinated with his hands and will look at them like they are the coolest things ever.
Showing his strong muscles..

Meadow looks like such a big girl in this picture. Okay, she is still really petite. But, to me she is getting so big.

This was when Beckett was getting his tired eyes.