Friday, December 18, 2009

Beckett is 3 months old

This is a picture of Beckett on our trip to Maryland this past weekend. I flew across the country just with Beckett so I could introduce him to his great grandmother and uncle and aunt. My parents came down as well. It was so fun for them to see how much he had grown in a month and a half. He has definitely turned into a little charmer and loves to smile and coo. We have had some great conversations. He is starting to grasp some objects and has pretty good head control. He even rolled from his front to back the other day. He still likes to spit up a fair amount, so we always have a burp rag handy and I am still doing tons of laundry. I can't believe he is three months old already.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beckett is 2 months old!

Beckett turned two months old during our recent mini vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge. He did great while his parents and sister enjoyed the water park. He is staying awake for longer periods of time and sharing beautiful smiles and small coos. He is not very chatty yet, but his sister probably talks a lot for him already. I love seeing Meadow talk to him. He has slept for six hours once in a night. Can't wait till it happens again. But, we have had several times where he sleeps for four hours in a row. It is amazing how much more rested I feel after one of those nights. He seems to be growing great despite taking after his father with being a "puky baby." We have an appointment this coming Tuesday so it will be nice to check in with the pediatrician and see how much he has grown. Happy 2 month birthday Beckett!

First Day @ Mt. Hood Meadows for the family

Last weekend we went up to Meadows so that Meadow could try out skiing with real skiis. We had rented a pair to try out and since then Todd picked up a pair for her at the Sandy ski swap sale. She had a good time skiing with dad. I took pictures while carrying Beckett in the bjorn and then got to go take a run myself on my snowboard. It was good to know that I still had a lot of my snowboarding muscles intact after having a baby less than two months ago. Go Me! Todd got a nice day on the mountain the day before, so he didn't mind hanging with the kids. What a nice daddy.

Getting some nice smiles after a fun day!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cute outfit showcase

Here is Beckett at around 5 weeks. We just love hoodies in our family.
Meadow loves to snuggle with Beckett

Cute guitar outfit from Jerri, Mark and Zoe
Owl outfit at around 6 weeks.

My parents come to visit

My parents came to visit from NY for ten days so they could see their new grandbaby. Meadow was calling them grandma and grandpa boobach. Made me laugh every time she said it. We did lots of fun things, including a trip on the Mt. Hood Railroad, seeing the snow on Mt. Hood, visiting a few pumpkin patches, and an unexpected trip to OMSI after my parents flight got cancelled and they got to stay another day. My dad also finished our bathroom in the garage while they were here. It was kind of a busy time, but we also had a fair amount of down time where the grandparents got to hold Beckett and have lots of playtime with Meadow.

Here we are at the Soup Spoon. One of my favorite lunch spots on the mountain.

We headed up to Government Camp after lunch and saw one of the first snowfalls on the mountain. Meadow was very excited and loved stomping around in the snow. We all were not quite prepared to be playing in the snow, but it was a good time anyway.

Dinner at the Rendevous!

Meadow being a cool cat in her sunglasses and hat.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We had a really fun Halloween. Our day started out going to a party at the Persimmon golf course where Todd's dad is a member. They had a lot of great activities for the little kids and we got to meet up with the Wubbena's and see their awesome costumes. Then later on in the evening I took Meadow out trick or treating.

Here is Meadow in her giraffe costume. It was hard to get her to smile during this party. I think she was a bit shy with all the people around. You will see the hood on later in the pics.
Ghanny holding Beckett aka the monkey. You can see the tail in this picture. It was such a cute outfit.
Hope and Xavier. Hope was a flower and Xavier was bumblebee from Transformers.

Waiting in line to show off her costume on stage. I just love the bat girl and wonderwoman costumes ahead of her.

Going on Stage. She did such a good job.

The whole group of kids at the party. I loved seeing all the different costumes.

Getting her face painted. She got a little giraffe on her cheek. It stayed on really good the whole day.

Beckett sound asleep in his monkey costume. He had so much fun at the party between eating and sleeping.

Trick or treating at Ghanny's car.
Meadow and Beckett in their Halloween shirts

Liz and JD came over to help with the Halloween festivities. JD helped hand out candy while Todd was on Beckett duty. They didn't really mind staying home because they watched the Oregon Ducks beat USC. A major accomplishment in the football world. Liz came along with Meadow and I as we went trick or treating. She did a great job knocking on doors and saying trick or treat. We just went down a few of our streets in the neighborhood. I figured once she was having a hard time carrying her pumpkin it was time to go home. It was so much fun watching her enjoy halloween. I really can't wait for next year.

JD handing out candy

Even though I didn't catch many smiles in her costume, she really did have a great time.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We had a great time going to the Liepold Farms Pumpkin Patch this past Friday. They have a lot of great activities for kids. So, it was fun to see Meadow enjoying the little hay maze, corn pit, and mini horse merry go round. It was also nice because Todd and I could sit and watch and enjoy some yummy hot chocolate while she ran around.

Hanging with the pumpkins.

She loved this little ride. So perfect for her size.

Beckett slept in the bjorn the entire time. He loved the fall fresh air. It was actually in the low 70's.

Bring the pumpkins, squash and apples to the car

Making Apple Crisp that night. We have sice made two batches it was so amazing.

Random Moments

We went on a hike last weekend to see the salmon spawning on the upper Salmon river trail. It was a beautiful fall day. Meadow is wearing her new fall/winter fleece jacket. We got her all geared up for winter a few weeks ago. We did see one big salmon on our hike. So, it was well worth the effort. I am caring Beckett under my sweatshirt in a sling. He was nice and warm in there. Liz also joined us for the hike.
Meadow's halloween costume. Had to give everyone a sneak peak. She is so cute in this thing.

Meadow has been loving playing her cave game. Where she hides in her make pretend cave with her animals and dolls.

Cave I helped her build with Beckett's discovery gym toy and his blankets. She really loves to play with all of his things and does like to show him his new rattles and toys.

One Month Birthday

Beckett has been busy growing in his first month of life. I figure he is somewhere over eight pounds. He was born at 5 lbs 12 ounces and lost some weight before he started gaining again. He is becoming a little more alert during the day, but still loves to sleep most of the time. He even slept a four hour stretch last night. No wonder why I feel so rested.

He has definitely filled out this little newborn outfit.